Placed a call to Antiques Detectors looking to upgrade my metal detecting arsenal. I was interested in the Minelab E trac and had many, many questions regarding the E trac as I was not familiar with the unit. After almost a half hour on the cell phone, unrushed by the way, Rob answered every question honestly and had vast knowledge in this unit. During the entire conversation, he never rushed our call, nor did he attempt to up sell me with another product or any add ons. Rob also was in no way being pushy. He was polite and very cordial and appeared to take pride in his ability and understanding of the E trac.

Finally when every single question I asked was answered, I asked if they took credit cards and the deal was done. 3 days later my brand spanking new Minelab E trac arrives and all throughout, prior to my receiving shipment, Rob stayed in contact with me and sent me updates on my unit.
Great customer service and great help.
Would I recommend them? Absolutely
Would I conduct business with them again? Most definitely.
You’re an asset to the Minelab brand name and I cannot say thank you enough.

Sincerely, Joseph Misiur (New Jersey)