New E-Trac Metal Detector aka ‘Silver Sucker’

Blame it all on AntiquesDetectors! If your hot spots begin to deplete of Silver after I leave, because they made me an awesome deal on the so called “Silver Sucker” itself!!!

In all seriousness, I have purchased from four other sponsors of this forum and had pleasant experiences. But Rob and Jerry at AntiquesDetectors were exceptional to deal with.

I spent a good share of time on Monday, speaking to, texting & PMing Rob, asking questions and seeking info and he had a great amount of patience with my picky backside. He took the time to give me more insight on the E-Trac and shared metal Detecting stories with me as well.

BUT, it didn’t stop there, when most businesses get the money too many times the customer is “gone” in their mind. Rob followed up with me a couple times the next day to make sure I received all conformation. Even after that Rob was PMing me a few tips and tricks and sent me a link to a YouTube video on getting my machine set up with advanced settings.

I couldn’t be happier! In business, you don’t get repeat customers, you earn them, and unfortunately for my wife, they earned one here!

Guys, if you aren’t reaching out to these guys, not only may it cost you dollars, it may cost you frustration later. – Craig M, WI

New E-Trac Metal Detector aka ‘Silver Sucker’