Road Trip with XP Deus Nets Silver Ring

Who doesn’t love a road trip?  This past weekend, Owner Jerry Ashe travelled to Arkansas for a little metal detecting at an old school.

Using his XP Deus, Jerry decided to detect a small playground.  Working around some old tractor tires set up as a play area, Jerry got a nice tone on his XP Deus, and investigated it further.  The first target he pulled out was a twist cap from a bottle, but He knew that couldn’t be the target he heard, so he continued pinpointing and dug a little bit deeper.



He was right! There was something else in the hole with the twist cap!  



A beautiful .925 silver ring, both his first ring, and first silver find with the XP Deus!   It was a beautiful day for metal detecting, and nothing can take that smile off Jerry’s face.  When asked what made him dig that tone, Jerry said “The Deus told me there was something good down there, even with the junk target in the same hole, it sounded good, and I dug it.”

To cap off a beautiful day, we made a few friends along the way.  They were curious what we were doing and came over to say hi.



This  pretty girl was eager to get some scratches on her head. It appeared as if the other horse called her over.  It was neat to see them interact.

Such a beautiful horse, he loved having his ears scratched and head patted.  He was very sweet and my personal favorite.

This guy is the one that called the brown horse over to him. She came up to him and stayed right by his side,  very cool to see.


All in all it was a great day detecting at an old property and ball field, Jerry found a silver ring, Rob found several wheat pennies, the oldest being a 1927, we made a few new friends, and found a handful of coins. Can’t beat that!



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