XP metal detectors: XP visits the Jersey hoard

Read More on this site... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2n2lvd94fA

The Jersey Hoard is the largest discovery of Iron Age coins in Europe. XP metal detectors interviewed Reg Mead and Richard Miles the finders of this ancient treasure.

The video is a superb 25 minute exclusive video with lots of interesting facts.

The interview starts talking to head conservator Neil Maher, who was responsible for the excavation and now the dis-assembly and preservation of the 70,000 plus Celtic coins along with hundreds of artifacts, which to date is the largest hoard of Celtic coins ever discovered in Europe.

How were these ancient coins cleaned ? – XP were invited behind the scenes into the laboratory, and shown the latest discoveries and talk about restoration methods including recording techniques and computerised 3D mapping.
Are there any Celtic coins left ? – The finders have been searching the hoard site since 2012 and were convinced no coins had been left in the ground. Gary was invited to visit the exact location with his XP DEUS…. It soon became apparent that not everything had been found with a metal detector, the XP Deus did a good job and impressed the on lookers…


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