Metal Detector XP DEUS : Understanding deep targets

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This video demonstrates how powerful the XP Deus metal detector is, it can find deep targets providing you understand the language.

So many think suspicious targets are iron and just discard them….Its always worth investigating them.
Look out for the signs : Is it faint ? If it’s repeatable ? Can you lock on to the target ?

These are all signs of warranting investigation, your XP Deus will go deep.

How deep will the XP Deus go on a coin ? – This all depends on the size of the coin and the ground conditions.

Will my XP Deus find deep Gold ? – Yes it will providing it is within detection range. Gold targets can sometimes sound like Iron.

What will a a large hoard of buried treasure sound like ? – This depends on the depth and the size, sometimes it will sound wide and smooth, other times it will sound just like a coin if it is really deep.



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