Minelab CTX3030 Boot Camp with Andy Sabisch

Antiques Detectors will be holding their 3rd Annual Seeded Hunt October 14,2017 in Baxter Springs, Ks. Our SPECIAL GUEST will be Andy Sabisch.

Andy will also be holding a BOOT CAMP on the Minelab CTX3030 and ETRAC October 15, 2017 in Baxter Springs, Ks at the Baxter Springs Country club.  This will be an all day event, so plan accordingly.

Mark your calendars and come join the fun. We will be giving away metal detectors and accessories. FUN FOR ALL !!!!!
Anybody interested in the CTX3030-ETRAC Boot camp please contact me & call Jerry at 620 856 5190 or email jerry.ashe@landstarmail.com.

To reserve your spot, which are LIMITED, hurry and visit this link:


RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY AT https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-minelab-fbs-bootcamp-baxter-springs-ks-tickets-36916023821


Minelab’s E-Trac and CTX 3030 are their flagship treasure detectors offering features and performance not found on any other detector but unlocking all of what they are capable of can take time. Well, that learning curve has just been eliminated!

We’re excited to announce that Andy Sabisch, well-known treasure hunter and veteran Minelab user, is conducting a Bootcamp Training Course designed to allow you to understand all of the features on the both the E-Trac and CTX 3030 and maximize their performance under any condition and for any application you might come across.

The Bootcamp will cover everything listed below in a classroom setting followed by an infield session that will allow you to put what was covered into practice and see how slight adjustments can make a huge difference in performance. Most importantly, you will understand WHY you made the change and HOW to determine what the optimal setting are for YOUR area and the type of targets YOU are searching for rather than relying on settings provided by someone 1,000 miles away where conditions are likely quite different.

Contact Jerry at 620 856 5190 or email jerry.ashe@landstarmail.com


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