Garrett AT GOLD Metal Detector


The AT Gold metal detector was designed to find tiny gold nuggets in the most challenging prospecting environments, including shallow fresh water hunting and includes a True All Metal Mode.

The All Metal Mode is preferred for prospecting because it provides the greatest possible depth and sensitivity.



The Garrett AT GOLD Metal Detector with standard 5×8″ Proformance DD searchcoil includes both Manual and Automatic Ground Balance and a True All Metal mode.  In addition to its True All Metal Mode, the AT Gold includes two Discrimination Modes, making it a versatile Coin, Jewelry and relic hunting machine.

AT GOLD Features:

  • Graphic Target Analyzing : Simultaneously Shows the Target’s Conductivity and the Detector’s Discrimination Pattern
  • Electronic Pinpointing : This Non-Motion All-Metal Mode is Used to Precisely Locate a Detected Target’s Location in the Ground
  • Adjustable Threshold : Allows the User to Manually Adjust the Audio Threshold (constant background sound) to Better Hear Targets
  • Iron Audio : Allows User to Hear Discriminated Iron and to Audibly Identify Problematic Flat Iron Objects.
  • Fast Track Ground Balance : Automatic Feature that Allows User to Quickly Ground Balance the Detector in Mineralized Soil Conditions
  • Digital Target ID : Scale from 0 to 99; Indicates a Target’s Metal Conductivity for Increased Ability to Distinguish Targets from Each Other
  • One-Touch Treasure Hunting : With the Touch of a Button, your Metal Detector is: Powered On; Automatically Reset to Factory (or your) Settings; and Ready to Search!
  • Frequency : 18 kHz
  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 3.03 lbs (1.4 kgs)
  • Deluxe Stereo Land Headphones


Target ID Cursor Segments: 20
Iron Discrimination Segments: 44
Search Modes: 3
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments: 8
Electronic Pinpointing: Yes
Frequency: 18 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels: 3
Standard Searchcoil 5″ x 8″ DD PROformance™
Length: (Adjustable) 42″ to 51
Total Weight: 3.03 lbs. (1.4 kgs.)
Batteries: 4 AA (included)
Warranty: 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor