Minelab Go-Find 20 Metal Detector


Minelab Go-Find 20 Metal Detector with 8″ (7.8 kHz) Waterproof Search Coil is an easy to use All-Purpose metal detector designed for young adults and children.  Take your little buddy along, and open up the world of treasure hunting with his very own Minelab GoFind20.


Featuring: 8 inch Waterproof Coil, Adjustable Arm Rest and Shaft, 7.8khz Frequency, 4 Target ID Sections, Adjustable Audio and Adjustable Discrimination. The GoFind20 is the perfect detector for those on the go as it folds up and fits easily in a backpack!

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Minelab Go-Find 20 Metal Detector with 8″ (7.8 kHz) Waterproof Search Coil

The Minelab GO-FIND 20 metal detectors are the newest and most advanced treasure detectors available today! Using today’s hi-tech technology, the GO-FIND 20 has everything wanted by beginners from kids to active seniors.

A full size metal detector that folds up neatly to a compact 22 inches and can easily fit into a small backpack. This metal detector is super lightweight but has the power and sensitivity to find lost treasures as small as gold rings and even hidden gold and silver coins.

Additional Information

  • Waterproof 8 inch Rectangle Mono Search Coil
  • Audible Target Tones
  • Warranty: Yes
  • 7.8 kHz Operating Frequency
  • 4 Target I.D. Segments
  • Adjustable Discrimination
  • Ground Balance: Automatic Ground Tracking
  • 2 Search Modes
  • Display Type LCD
  • Volume Control
  • 1/8″ Headphone Jack
  • Batteries: Four AA
  • Adjustable Arm Rest with Arm Strap
  • Adjustable Shaft: Length Max (in) 51.4 * Folded Length Min (in) 21.9
Exclusive Features:
Lightweight & Collapsible, Retracting Detector with One Button Press