Grand Opening Was A Success

Antiques Detectors of Baxter Springs, Kansas celebrated it’s grand opening Saturday October 10th.  The event was a great success and the turn out for the seeded hunts was phenomenal.

AntiquesDetectors has a metal detecting test bed out back where we hosted a test bed “test” on planted targets.  Each contestant was given a form to fill out where they each logged their guesses at each target section.  The ‘tests” were graded, and each contestant was given between 1/2 point and a point for each target correctly identified.

Robert Briggs of  YouTube fame as one half of Ozark Diggers received a total score of 4 which put him in top place where he won a silver Morgan Dollar coin for his detecting prowess! CONGRATS ROBERT, You killed it with that AT Pro!

Robert D, of Rogers Arkansas was a very lucky guy Saturday!  He stopped by the shop to price some pinpointers. As luck would have it, because Robert chose to stay and attend the seeded hunt, he was qualified to enter the drawings for the White’s CoinMaster Metal Detector, Makro Pointer Pinpointer, and half price coupon from Fisher Metal Detectors.


Saturday was Robert D lucky day, because his ticket was drawn where he WON the Makro Pointer pinpointer!  Not only that it was his REALLY lucky day!  Robert also won FisherLabs  50% off coupon where he can buy any Fisher metal detector for half price!  Very cool!

The event was fun, and a great time was had by all who attended.  Some great items were found, including a Barber half dollar by Jimmy who is probably still smiling from ear to ear!


Jimmy with his 1902 Barber Half Dollar found with his White’s CoinMaster Metal Detector.

Other notable finds were a large cent, silver dimes, several indian head pennies and handfuls of clad and a silver ring found by Robert Briggs of Springfield, Missouri.


All things considered our Grand Opening was truly Grand thanks to everyone who stopped by and attended the event. We hope that you had as much fun as we did!



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