Pinpointing Tips with the Garrett Pro-Pointer

There are a few tricks that you can use with the pro-pointer, and the guys at Garrett have put together …
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Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2017

Garrett Metal Detector’s has been working hard and is proud to present the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2017 to be held during the weekend of April 1-2, 2017. Garrett will be hosting 4 hunts along with a fun filled weekend of memories, stories and good fellowship. Follow this link …
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Throwing Shade at Metal Detectorists

Man this summer heat has been BRUTAL lately. With temperatures soaring into the 100’s with a high humidity, it has been almost unbearable to go metal detecting! So, what can we do to keep cooler when the temperatures are so high? Well, here’s a few tips and tricks that …
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Tips & Tricks for Seeded Metal Detecting Hunts

Last year Antiques Detectors held our Grand Opening Seeded Hunt. The turn out was great, and several of the detectorists that showed up left with some awesome finds. So, what IS a “seeded” hunt? Basically, it is a group hunt that is held in an area that has had …
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Increase Your Finds by Becoming a People Watcher

If you’re like me and have limited time to metal detect then knowing where to search before you start can help maximize both your time and good finds. Obviously, good targets can be found anywhere but knowing where concentrations of targets are really increases your chances of going home …
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XP DEUS Top Tips

Check out this “XP DEUS Top Tips” video and take your metal detecting to the next level. We encourage our customers to enter their best DEUS detecting finds story in the XP Real Finds sweepstakes. You can submit your story along with photos and even videos online
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Introduction Video: XP Deus Metal Detector

Introduction Video for the XP Deus Metal Detector: Find out what makes the XP Deus stand out from the rest of the crowd. Wireless configurations set the standard for frustration free metal detecting. You can adjust every characteristic of the DEUS. Choose your frequency from the preset options of …
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Fisher F2 Metal Detectors Soon to be Replaced by the F22

Yes, you read that correctly. The Fisher F2 metal detector is approaching its end of life. The F2 has had a remarkably good service record and Limited stock is still available at this time if you’re in the market for this field proven detector. Going forward, we recommend purchasing …
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The Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

One of the best ways to be a good ambassador for the hobby of metal detecting is to abide by the metal detecting code of ethics. By following a few common sense guidelines we can all do our part to ensure that we leave a positive impression everywhere we …
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The New Makro Racer 2 Metal Detector

The new Makro Racer 2 is now available for purchase in our store here on AntiquesDetectors website! Built on the cutting-edge RACER technology, the RACER 2 is boosted with all the features users need for finding more coins, relics and jewelry. The all new designed Makro Racer 2 comes …
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White’s MX Sport World – 20 Tone ID Is Music To Our Ears

What can the MX Sport do with its 20 Tone ID’s? Have you ever wondered what happens when the MX Sport is ‘tuned’ with coins from all over the world? The folks at White’s Electronics have put together a fun video that answers those questions for us, Check it …
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Throwing Shade at Metal Detectorists

Throwing Shade at Metal Detectorists

Man this summer heat has been BRUTAL lately.  With temperatures soaring into the 100’s with a high humidity, it has been almost unbearable to go metal detecting! Read More

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