Civil War Bullet ID Chart

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This Civil War Bullet Identification Chart can help you identify some of those minie’ and round balls that you find while out metal detecting.


I’ve only been lucky enough to find one of each near a creek..



I believe the one that I found is a .69 caliber.

They are always a pleasant surprise, and finding my first 3 ringer at a place where I was detecting for jewelry was definitely a surprise.

According to Civil War historical records, over 500 troops camped along that creek.

These bullets were likely dropped by civil war soldiers that were there camping and preparing to march to battle further south.

I feel lucky to have found them both.  It is more than possible that I was the first person to hold them in over 100 years.

Hope this Civil War Bullet ID Chart was helpful to you… Thanks for checking out my blog and first civil war bullet finds.

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